Monday, 13 February 2017

Impacts of Hajj on Person’s life

Hajj is a ritual which intends to bring out humility and unity among Muslims of entire world. This is a celebration which is witnessed by everyone. It requires a lot of physical hardship and patience throughout the journey. Anyone who is planning a Hajj trip should be aware about the impacts its leaves on one’s personality. If we turn the pages back to the era of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), we would get to know more about the meaning of rituals of Hajj. People travel miles leaving rest of the world behind just to seek the forgiveness and blessings of Allah. Seven rounds of Safa and Marwa reminds us the miracle of Zamzam, reward of Hagar. Stoning to devil tells us that Satan is at every place, He will attract you in many tempting ways.  Do not get tempted and follow the command of Allah. Allah will guide you to the right path. This journey always leaves its marks on an individual. Through Hajj you are getting a chance to wipe away all your sins and start fresh.

Have a look on following impacts of hajj:
·  The moment we enter in Masjid al Haram, we are in the protection of Allah.
·  We perform Tawaf and remember Allah and his glory. Seek forgiveness from him.
·  Rounds of Safa and Marwa teach us patience and tell us true intentions can brought us anything we wish for.
· On the day of Arafat people gather on Mount Arafat. As the promise of Allah to his prophet (PBUH) Almighty forgives everyone present there.
·  Throwing pebbles towards the pillars of Satan, we realize the fact of devil that lives inside us. We have to defeat him while following the commands of Allah.
· It brings unity to the Muslims. Despite of the races they belong and cultures they follow, still they gather for one aim and perform the rituals along with fellows.
·  It increases your tolerance, as you are definitely not allowed to involve in any kind of argument.
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